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Water heater Installation and Repair.

NO MORE COLD SHOWERS . . . We’ll keep water temperature predictable. 


When freezing water assaults you in the shower, or you can’t get your washing machine water warm enough to clean your white clothes, call Sale's Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration, Inc. If your conventional water heater starts to fail, we first look for leaks and other issues that can cause water mishaps and messes.



  • Water heater installation & repair

  • Gas and electric 

  • Boiler maintenance 

  • Tankless water heaters 

Water Heater Installations in Holland, MI

We analyze your water heater problems and fix any of its issues with high-quality repair work, or we can install a new water heater in your home, office, or business. 


Call us at 616-392-7849 for a FREE estimate. We'll stop by and put together a quote for your replacement needs.

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